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November 11, 2010



Very cute idea for Christmas!!!

Karen B.

Jane, Jane, Jane! I have been clicking all morning, knowing that you would have something amazing posted and sure enough . . . you do! I absolutely LOVE this idea! Also, the way you've decorated this is so fun and cheerful. But I'm still in awe of the idea. Funny about the moving box. I'd say that 'great minds think alike' but I would have never thought of this, so I'm going to say '1 great mind and 1 nearly-as-great-as-jane-but-infinitely-superior-in-dog-taste mind think alike' Thanks for using my die, my friend!

Phyllis Dobbs

This is so cute and a great idea! Someone receiving this will be lucky.


What a clever idea! Love this!


So much fun!


Awesome, Jane!

Cindy Rippe

So much better than $ in an envelope. Anyone would love to get this special gift. Cute!


Sweet idea for Christmas giving! Definitely better than a plain old envelope.

Mod Podge Amy

This is so awesome!!


whata great idea x

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