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June 20, 2009


Heather (in Scotland)

Sounds a fun day. I like the field of poppies as a backdrop for photos!


Love the photo of Ann & Jude, pure Sound of Music!

Ann Freeman

I had a truly awesome day - just like being on holiday and I can't wait to come back and play soon xxx

Jude Hutchinson

It was a totally fab day. The photos really make me laugh and I'm sure will do for years to come. got to much to scrap now! Look forward to returning. Thanks Jane x


Looks like a fun day. The hole in the bag story is hilarious. The seagulls must have thought it was their birthday.

Lisa Ransom

looks like the whole day was a riot! poor Helen, even hubby laughed as i read it out! the photo of the girls running down the hill, brill! and loved the pic of you with the chip fangs! bless you all, you've fair cheered me up!


What do you look like with your chips & I bet you wet yourself climbing over that wood ! The poppies are gorgeous.


What a great day you had, love the poppies and the silliness, it kind of sums up girls days out!


Sound like you had a fab day ... fish & Chips on the beach sound fab.

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