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April 14, 2011



Stunning canvas Jane, I have seen lots of people's work after the class and it has amazed me - I wouldnt know where to start on something like that! I love the colours and all the designs in the background!


There has been some building work on waste ground near to where I work. They have "carted off" lorry loads of lovely looking topsoil on a daily basis. It could be worth looking around and asking if you could have/buy a truck load. And just wanted to say..... chickens!!!! I am soooooo jealous! :-D And I'm loving your Tomato Soup 'plant pot'. Jude.x

Sandy G

That canvas is amazing - nice to see the finished article, having watched it's 'birth'!

I showed my daughter the garden pics - she has serious poly-tunnel envy!

Sandra Hall

Your canvas is fantastic Jane! Really, really!
Lots of elements and texture, just fabulous! I too missed the launch of the She Art classes and will be watching out for the next release.
I found my way here from another blog - I have met you years ago at a Bonanza event, Ascot.
I used to get Scrapbook Inspirations and I could pick out your page at a glance - I love your style. Dyan mentioned that you were calling off at AFTH a few weeks ago for a visit and I wished I could have been there to say hi to you :)
Its been lovely to read of your 'home news' with the poly tunnel and all - good luck with the growing :D

Alison Evans

Hi I would just like to tell you what a pleasure it has been having a look around your blog : ) I too have dreamed of a home away from anywhere and chickens, lots of cats a goat ...more chickens an maybe a dog or 3 lol. Your very lucky but it looks like lots of hard work too. I love your style and photos : )

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