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April 29, 2009


Lisa Ransom

love the frame and what you have done with it and what a lovely hubby you have to buy that for you! its gorgeous


looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow
good luck with the opening


Glinda Green

Lovely! Would never have thought of putting those colours together.


The frame looks gorgeous, well done for perservering it was certainly worth it.


you must be dead pleased with the way this has turned out!


post visit to Pickleberry . Lovely booked to return very soon

Nicola Girdlestone

Jane, I love this frame and have now seen it in real life, so even better:) Must say that your studio is gorgeous in real life, well done on making it look so inviting and airy. I enjoyed my visit to Pickleberry, everyone was very friendly,and spent a small fortune, but loved it and those cup cakes were gorgeous:)
Can't wait to go back.

katharine hart

hi jane, love your studio and like niki above-my sister-loved being allowed a peek into it,it's amazing. i have that same frame and was going to put it on my wall with black flower sticker-from ikes-in it but now having seen what you have done with yours i may have to lift that idea, my craft room has that blue accents so the idea is growing on me more and more, just a few questions though, what paint did you use, did you sand it before painting ,thanks katharine


I just used a 98p matchpot from B&Q and painted two coats, I didn't sand it first


Congrats on your lovely new studio Jane. I love what you've done with it and all your very hard work has paid off.... enjoy your special place. The frame is fab, brill idea. I'm even more impressed as I've spotted my business card slotted through the braid!
Have fun and good luck with the venture.

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