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March 30, 2009



Oh Jane - I am sure you will have that workspace sorted out in no time. Can't wait to see it when it's done :).

Sarah B

Wow, what a fantastic item of furniture. Wish you luck for the studio - wish I had the chance!


I have LONGED for a plan chest since forever (well, since college days in Graphic Design classes anyway) so I am sooooo jealous of your shallow drawers.... (ooer missus ha ha)


I am drooling over that architects chest, it's wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the finished result (and trying hard not to be too envious...lol)

I tagged you today on my blog (apologies in advance!)


I'm just so happy for you! A space of your own - how wonderful :) And I LOVE that chest of drawers. Jealous, moi??! LOL!


Looking forward to seeing some more of your fab work now you have a studio :o) That drawer unit looks amazing, a truly nice looking piece of furniture...feeling very green here, it's a beautiful piece.


I'll join in the drooling. That is fabulous storage.

chris hough

Where are your final pictures? I'd love to see the, I'm reorganizing & decorating my scraproom now.

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