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October 24, 2007


Kirsty Wiseman

I came to see your blog in hope you had found something. It is SO exciting when you find a decent sized cache with all sorts of weird and wonderful objects to collect. I get such a thrill if there is something in there that will delight Ellie. I hate the mini caches (in small container, like an old film canister) and I hate the ones you cant even find (or has been muggled!).
The best part for me is taking photos of places new to me, mark loves the adventure and Ellie loves the fresh air and that we get to chat about nature and animals.
We haven't done our own cache yet, but when we do I want it to be an old army ammo box filled with fab treats for kids, little craft packages for the girls and keyrings , golf tees, stickers etc for the boys.
I hope you have as much fun out of it as we do. And remember when you go back up north, you can hike out more adventures together - even abroad (we did some in Barcelona).


Now that's my kind of purchase, LOL! Way to go!


kirsty is the reason we started geocaching, we started in april and we are 6 away from our 100 find. we really enjoy getting out and about and going to places we would not find anyother way.
hope you all enjoy it as much as us!
pigglet + family


Wow I'd never even heard of this. Wish I'd found out about it before tne end of half term!! The kids would have loved it. Definitely keep it in mind next time to keep the kids entertained.
BTW I love your Momiji lo in SI!!

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