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April 30, 2007


Kirsty Wiseman

you are too damn famous!
I want your autograph first

julia budd

Really look forward to the chance of hearing you sum up exactly what it is that we all do in less than 10 lines. Wonder if the presenter will glaze over like my non-craft friends do! Have a great day, what a fun experience! You are a scrapping celebrity!!!!!!! GO girl.

Sarah Youde (UKS monroegirl)

Just downloaded Real Player for my mac and I am sat here waiting to hear you! I was once asked to go on local radio to talk about Marilyn Monroe and I was too nervous to do it - you are braver than me!! Oh you are on now :)

Selena Hickey (UKS Bush Girl)

Wayhey - just heard you all the way from Singapore. Well done - I'd have been far too nervous.


You really are famous. Not only scrappers will know you, now anyone listening to the radio station will have been introduced to the term scrapbooking. I will go on the internet and see if I can listen again to it. I know some BBC stations offer this service. I really hope I hear you.

Well done in taking this offer up .

Eleni Gratsia

Enjoyed listening to it on the internet! http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/networks/scotland/aod.shtml?scotland/macaulayandco_tue Now I can put a voice to the name!! :D


Yes & she made me walk five paces behind when we met up afterwards !



Yey! Just listened to your interview. Brave you! Well done, nice to hear your voice cos I love reading your blog!

PS Your daughters pics are always stunning!

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