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April 23, 2007



Jane you are a legend! Fantastic classes - both of them. I took today off work to finish all the LOs I started at Crafteire...so thanks a million for showing the home LO on your blog. Thanks also for ATCs...such a nice touch. Glad you enjoyed your trip and hope you'll come again...this time to the Wild west of Ireland!


Jane you are the sweetest, kindest person and I am so happy I got to meet you finally - next time you have to come for longer and I promise to take you down to my Mammy and we will gorge on Avoca food LOL


Hi Jane, I didn't get to meet you at Crafteire or take your classes but I hope you are gonna come back next year so that I can !!! Glad you enjoyed yourself and I hope your are feeling a lot better. :-)


Jane lovely to meet you in Tullamore this weekend. Your 'Home' class was superb - thank you for posting the photos. Please come back next year!



Hi Jane- Thank you so much for all you did this weekend. Your class was my favourite - I just love that home layout. The ATCs were beautiful too! I hope you'll be back next year - this time I'll be taking ALL your classes! Thanks a million!!!


Jane it was so lovely to meet you at Crafteire, and your classes were just the best. Hope we'll see you next year! Thanks xx

Kirsty Wiseman

ahem - it was all the running about after "your majesty" that made me fall and fracture my arm, ruptured my spleen and broken my heart.
Thanks for being a huge part of my fabbo weekend x


thank you Jane for everything this weekend! Fantastic classes - so so inspiring! Can't wait for next year!!!

Orla x


Sounds like you had a fab weekend Jane-pleased to hear that your shingles is going now, Beverleyx


Wow what a talented lady you are!! It was great to finally get to do not one but two of your classes, I loved them both :) thanks a million for coming over to crafteire, hope to see you in Ireland a whole lot more :) :)

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