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February 04, 2007



I really want to join you in this project.... I will try to find one here in the states as postage for this would be unbelievable!


Have emailed you!


I'd love to join you in this project. May I buy one from you? I have wanted one for a hundred years. I'd even part with Teesha Moore Play zines for one and that's saying something. I suppose I'm somewhere like 79th down the list of excited persons. Ah well. Fingers crossed.

Karen Wiederhold

Hi Jane

Thanks for your email earlier. Yes please. Will email you to organise payment.




Oh my gosh! I love your printers trays. I have wanted one forever. I have a cheapo imitation small one :-)We very rarely get things like that in NZ, so I look forward to seeing what you do with them.


class :) so pleased they are rocking your world :)


I just want to give you a few links. These are digital printers boxes but came out brilliantly





Just one more thing. Funny how you have this on your blog, and Printer drawer's boxes came up in a thread over at DST.

Check out this Link FABBY Ideas


I know they are all digital, but the concept is the same. HTH~Jess


Im in too! My printer box should be arriving this week with some luck so, its a whole lotta cleaning for me! May have to take some holiday to get that part done!


Oh Gosh, am I to late, do you still have any left, I would love one, have been trying to find one for ages.

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